Do you stay with the Mirror Photobooths?

An Eventful-Photobooths Technician will attend your event to take care of everything for you.  When you hire an Eventful-Photobooths you also get the reassurance that everything is in hand.

How much do you charge for travel?

Travel is free within 30 miles of our base in Wembley. A small charge may need to be added to events outside of this radius.

Do we charge for the congestion charge zone?

Yes, if your event is with the congestion charge zone, then a charge just for the congestion charge is applicable.

What are idle hours for?

Sometimes it is not always possible to set up or break down the photo booth safely and without restriction directly before or after an event. For example, if you require the booth setting up at 6pm but do not want it running until 9pm that is fine. However, this would be charged at 3 idle hours on top of the hire costs. Idle hours are charged at £25 per hour.

You need to also be aware that if we are prevented from breaking down at our time agreed, idle time will also have to be charged. So for example if we agree 6pm -10pm but your day doesn’t finish 12.00am you will charged 2 hours idle time.

Will the Mirror photobooth fit into the space we have & what are the dimensions?

Yes, the Mirror Photobooth comes in one main box on wheels and all we ask for is a flat, indoor space or at least fully covered marquee space that is

Mirror Photobooth Dimension1.56m (H) 0.90M (W) 0.57M (D) high Metres / Free Standing without backdrop.

We need connection to a standard 13Å plug socket within 25m to be able to work. We can and have done events in houses, roof tops and marquees. No place is a silly place just ask.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, all professional photo booth companies must carry valid Public Liability Insurance and PAT Tested. We have copies on request. This info can be produced on the day or sent when you request it.

How long does it take you to set up the Mirror Photobooth?

It can take Eventful-Photobooths anywhere from 45 mins – 1 hour to set up.  We will arrive on site at least two to one hour and a half  before your hire time is due to start. This time is included in the price and is not counted as part of your running time.


Do I need to pay a deposit?

Eventful-Photobooths request a £100.00 deposit, which is a non refundable deposit to secure your date and the remaining balance is due 14 working days prior to your event. If in the case of a last minute booking (within 14 days) we ask for full payment to insure everything is ready for your special day. Please be aware that if your event is within 28 days and you wish to pay into the business account via BACS transfer the funds need to clear before the event date. We do not accept cheques generally.


Can I pay with credit or debit card?

Yes you can! We use PayPal. There is a compulsory 4% Card processing ‘Transaction fee’ Please note you will receive confirmation once these payments have been cleared.

There is a £100.00 non- refundable ‘Damage Deposit/Holding Fee’ that will need to be paid up to 7 days before the event at the latest. This is fully refundable.

What if we booked a package then on the day need more time that we didn’t calculate for?

That is not a problem at all. If on the day you want more time and we don’t have another booking behind yours we can stay on.  You will need to give us at least an hours notice and we can take a cash or card payment for the excess time.  The money will need to be payable on the hour.

Can we Invoice you?

If you are a company you can invoice but please be aware that the full amount needs to be cleared funds before the event. If for some reason it is not be possible just get in touch and let us know.

Do we get a digital copy of the pictures taken?

Yes! 100 per cent, you will receive a free link with all the hi-resolution images taken in our Mirror photo booth after your event. We aim to get the images to you as soon as possible but please allow 24-48 hours after your event.

Can our guests view the images after the event?

Yes, after your event we upload a few sample images to our website. However for some of our high end clientele we do not automatically put these images up this is due to privacy.  Otherwise the images will be on our Facebook page if your guest want ease of access.  The decision is completely up to you.

DISCLAIMER: Please note when booking an event be sure to tick the box if you DO NOT wish for your images to be used for marketing on the website or Facebook. Eventful-Photobooths page. This will be a question on the booking form that will need to be signed or ticked by you when confirming a booking.

Can we have colour or black & white prints?

Your guests can choose to have coloured, black & white . It is quick and easy to change the settings on our touch screen interface.  There is also the optional green screen for digital backgrounds.


Do you have a green screen back ground mode?

Yes… green screen background mode allows your photos to have digital backgrounds. Your guest are allowed to visit the Mirror Photobooth and select a different themes like London landmarks, Paris backgrounds, super heroes and options of your choice and . Up to 4 backgrounds can be set before the event so we are able to take requests from our clients.This should be requested at least 7 working days before your event.

What printers do you use?

Eventful-Photobooths uses thermal dye sublimation printers. These are the same as the top photo processing companies use and are the best in the business. The prints are fast, touch dry and water proof after 20 seconds.


What cameras does your Mirror Photobooth use?

Our photo Mirror Photobooth uses high end professional DSLR 1300D EOS cameras resulting in sharp quality pictures.


How does the guest book service work?

If you chose to have a guest book service we can set the Mirror Photobooth up to print unlimited copies of each sitting, 1 for your guests each and 1 for your guest book. We provide pens and glue encouraging your guests to leave messages next to their pictures. We will ensure the book is completed to a high standard and we hand deliver it to you at the end of your occasion in perfect order.